Our Core Belief: Watch the crowd and move in the opposite direction

Lighthouse Search Group was originated by an individual who blends into a human herd long enough to study standards of consumer acceptance and tolerance, in the delivery of business service. He then studied and created diametrically opposed systems and methodologies that would only appeal to high performance contrarian thinkers.

The core premise that Lighthouse Search Group was founded on: there is a top 20%, a middle 60% and a lower 20% of quality in everything. We choose less quantity to stay in the thin ribbon of the top 20%.

Which means fewer clients, driven by higher standards, expecting near-perfection and are consciously aware and appreciative of that difference.

Beginning in the early 2000’s, he adopted a methodology of separating extreme technical excellence from mediocre contribution within the same skill zone. He proved it can be done in any field, provided that the same “interviewing” technique and investigative depth was engaged. Since 2002, he has trained approximately 30 search consultants and has been recognized for building the highest performance search firms in Alberta, Australia, Middle East, Philippines and most recently in British Columbia.

Lighthouse Search Group – If you’ll trust our contrarian methodologies, we’ll deliver a higher level of intellectual performance, in any role.

You call them leaders, we call them Luminaries.

Lighthouse does not set our sights on leadership. We look for technology forward people that have the intelligence and business “parenting skills” to act as thought-luminaries to our clients and the internal staff they serve. Their job is to make others think, stretch, and stay clear of comfort zones.